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Are we making a difference?


In 2018, our team of 43 active members contributed 10,782 patrol, event, and training hours.  We served over 60 events and performed 374 patrols, for 24,560 miles around the city. We issued 80 Handicap Warning and 291 Handicap Citations. We made 11,448 Warrant and Collection calls. Finally, we transported 100 patrol units to and from the PSB.


That means, for every hour we spend or mile driven, our police officers can be somewhere else.  The manpower that MCOPA adds as additional "eyes and ears" to McKinney, Texas makes the members a force multiplier for the McKinney Police Department.


Well done, Members! We're proud of you!




Have some spare time and want to volunteer? Consider attending our next Citizens Police Academy.  


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