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Our organization has been around for a while.  In 1997, McKinney Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (MCPAAA) was established but in 2014, we changed the name to McKinney Citizens on Patrol (MCOPA), as it more accurately reflects our mission.
We exist to bring together graduates of the McKinney Citizens Police Academy (CPA) to support the McKinney Police Department (MPD), to enhance the relations between the community and the MPD, to foster the development of MCOPA members, and for continuing education.
Today MCOPA trains academy-graduated volunteers to serve the police department and the community.   This is how we serve:

MCOPA & MPD working together.

Patrols / Traffic & Crowd Control

High visibility patrols by our trained members are effective "extra eyes and ears" for the community: in residential neighborhoods, community parks and commercial sites. (To request patrols of your home or business while away, click here.)


Members are also trained to assist MPD with traffic and crowd control activities during major events. Having extra manpower at large gatherings like sporting events, high school football games, concerts, or annual celebrations, keeps our community safer. (To request police presence at your next event, click here.)

Lost Person Searches / Child ID

When a person is missing, the first 24 hours are critical and MCOPA offers the manpower to assist MPD in this vital task. MCOPA members can be notified at any time of the day or night to help locate the missing person.


​In conjunction with MPD, MCOPA offers child identification resources to parents. At predetermined locations, we offer identification, fingerprinting and documenting of children for the parents to keep in case of emergency. (Click here for our next Child ID event. To request this service, click here.)

Skywatch Tower Observation

You may see these towers placed in parking lots around town. They often look quiet and you may wonder if anyone is up there, but these high-tech towers offer the safety and security of enhanced observation for the police department. 


MCOPA members are trained for observation in these towers and volunteer their time as they watch for common crimes that are often committed in public places. Direct communication with police dispatch allows this resource to be an effective crime deterrant.

Warrant Calling / Community Awareness

Our members are a valuable resource in warrant calling. This task is ideal for volunteers who enjoy being on the phone, can volunteer during the day (M-F, 8-5), and who prefer the safety of an office environment.


Often you will find our members handing out fun swag to the young (and old) at community events such as Fourth of July celebrations, sporting events, grand openings, and customer appreciation days. Members give away information on anti-bullying, kid safety and medical emergency "how-to's." (To request a police table at your next event, contact Officer Trent Davis)

"It is a marvelous sense of hope to see the [new] class become thoroughly involved with our MCOPA group. My observations show me that each of them has the desire to serve with enthusiasm,which is central to each of us, as we engage our activities with the MPD."

Dee Q., member

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